Date: 12th August 2016
Tungsten Carbide Tip Road Milling Teeth
Description of road milling teethTydrillbits supply road milling bits with tungsten carbide tips. The carbide adopts YG8,YG11C or negotiable. Bit body adopt 42 CrMo steel. Our carbide tips road milling teeth can be suitable for Wirtgen and Dynapac, Cat and Kennamatel machine etc. Specifications with round shank 19.4mm and 22mm.?Application of road milling teethRoad milling teeth is used with toolholer and then the toolholder is installed to the milling drum. Finally the milling drum is installed to the road milling equipment.We supply road milling picks to cut asphalt and concrete road, milling width from 0.5m-2m. Suitable for Wirtgen and Dynapac,Cat and Kennamatel machine etc. Specifications with Round shank 19.4mm and 22mm.We can supply Kennametal Code like: C3R, C3T, C1LRT, C3RB, RP15, RP21, RP22, RS14, RS16, RS18, RS01, RS19, RL08, RL09, RL10, RL11, RL04, RL06, RL07, C10, C10H, C10HD, C21, C21HD, C23, C21RHD, C20HD, C20, C21RFHD, C21RF, C21F11NB, C21FHD, CM42, CMB42, CM61, CM63, CM65, CMB6, CMB6L, DT50, DT87, RT1, RT2, ect.Writgen code like : W4, W5, W6, W7, W8,W1-13 etc.?